Tre Heslog

View from the south east.

A single stone row measuring 5.2m long, including two medium and one large orthostats situated near a rock outcrop on a gentle south east facing slope. The row is orientated north east to south west and the stone used in its construction almost certainly came from the nearby outcrop. There are extensive views only to the east.


Wales Powys Mid Wales SN 93106 68922
Lat 52.307977   Long -3.5692813

Map showing the location of Tre Heslog stone row.

Plan of Tre Heslog stone row (Source: survey by Sandy Gerrard at 1:100).


Type: Single Length: 5.2m
No. of stones: 3 Size of stones: Medium and large
Orientation: 50° Altitude: 474m
Upper end: – Lower end: –
Straight (Yes or No)  : Yes Sea View: No
Context:  Cist

Other Information

Public Access:  Yes
Land Status:
Scheduled Ancient Monument: RD197


Category: Plausible. No doubts have been expressed regarding the prehistoric interpretation of this row.


This stone row is of Type S3. Information on this form of stone row and other rows of this type is available here.


View from south west (Scale 1m). The near stone measures 1.2m long by 0.20m wide and now stands 0.68m high but would have originally have been 0.85m tall. Leans markedly to the north west. The middle stone leans slightly to the south east, measures  0.28m long by 0.12m wide and stands 0.29m high. The far stone also leans slightly towards the south east, measures 1m long by 0.14m wide and stands up to 0.66m high.

View from north west (Scale 1m).

View from south east (Scale 1m). The row may be mimicking the rocky outcrop behind.

View from the east.

View from west. Extensive views are available only to the east of the row.

Looking south from the rocky outcrop at SN 93089 68961.

The rocky outcrop at SN 93089 68961. This is almost certainly the source for the stones used to construct the row.

Access Information

Limited car parking is available at SN 93263 69792. From here head south along the footpath. The row can be found a short distance from the footpath.

Online Resources 

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FIRST PUBLISHED:- 12th February 2016

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