Carreg Llwyd

View from south east (Scale 1m).

A single stone row measuring 24.4m long, including at least 15 large, medium and small-sized stones situated in an elevated position on an east facing slope. The row is orientated north to south and there are several broadly contemporary cairns in the immediate vicinity. A very precise view towards Bryn y Fan is noteworthy.


Wales Powys Mid Wales SN 91943 95703
Lat 52.548375    Long -3.595040

Map showing the location of Carreg Llwyd stone row.

Plan of Carreg Llwyd stone row (Source: survey at 1:100 by Sandy Gerrard).


Type: Single Length: 24.4m
No. of stones: 15 Size of stones: Small, medium and large
Orientation: 170° Altitude: 467m
Upper end: Pillar Lower end: –
Straight (Yes or No)  : Sea View: No
Context:  Cairns
Notes: Excavated. No dating evidence.

Other Information

Public Access:  Yes
Land Status:
Scheduled Ancient Monument: MG291


Category: Plausible. Despite the lack of any dating material from an excavation, no doubts have been expressed regarding the prehistoric stone row interpretation of this site.


This stone row is of Type S12. Information on this form of stone row and other rows of this type is available here.


View from the east showing the stone row protruding from the horizon.

View from south.

Large stone forming the southern end of the stone row. View from south (Scale 1m).

View from the south east (Scale 1m).

View from above and south (Scale 1m).  The large stone in the foreground may be a natural rock which was fully exposed by the row builders. Originally it may have only been protruding a little from the ground and as part of the design the soil around was removed to create a dramatic end to the row.  

The hollow around the large terminal stone is clearly visible from this angle.  View from above and south east (Scale 1m).

View from above and north (Scale 1m).

View from NNE (Scale 1m).

Looking south along the row (Scale 1m).

Individual Stones

Stone 1 measures 0.70m long by 0.45m wide, stands up to 0.14m high and is largely turf covered.

Stone 2 measures 0.84m long by 0.25m wide, does not protrude above the ground surface and is largely turf covered.

Stone 3 measures 0.30m long by 0.30m wide, stands up to 0.10m high and is largely turf covered.

Stone 4 measures 0.30m long by 0.30m wide, stands up to 0.10m high and is largely turf covered.

Stone 5 measures 0.76m long by 0.48m wide and stands up to 0.11m high.

Stone 6 measures 1.10m long by 0.44m wide and stands up to 0.07m high.

Stone 7 measures 1.40m long by 0.76m wide and stands up to 0.39m high.

Stone 8 measures 0.82m long by 0.62m wide and stands up to 0.25m high.

Stone 9 measures 1.31m long by 0.58m wide and stands up to 0.37m high.

Stone 10 measures 0.44m long by 0.33m wide and stands up to 0.13m high.

Stone 11 measures 0.70m long by 0.30m wide and stands up to 0.16m high.

Stone 12 measures 0.67m long by 0.42m wide and stands up to 0.16m high.

Stone 13 measures 1m long by 0.70m wide and stands up to 0.23m high.

Stone 14 measures 0.89m long by 0.74m wide and stands up to 0.38m high.

Stone 15 measures 3.2m long by 1m wide and stands up to 0.90m high.


A large number of cairns appear on the skyline when standing at the stone row. Foremost amongst these is the substantial cairn at SN 91821 95935.

Stone row in the foreground and cairn at SN 91821 95935 beyond. View from SSE.

The cairn at SN 91821 95935 viewed from the stone row. This visual link is likely to have been significant to the row builders and has been somewhat altered in recent years.

The row, cairn and wind turbines.

Landscape Comment

The stone row seems to point directly at the prominent hill of Bryn y Fan. It is likely that this hill was deliberately incorporated into the layout of the row and whilst there is no way of proving this, there certainly is a visual link.

The row points at the prominent Bryn y Fan. View from north (Scale 1m). 

It feels as if the row builders are telling us what was important to them.

The terminal stone and Bryn y Fan.

From this angle the stone in the foreground seems to mimic the landscape beyond.

There are widespread view towards the east from the row. Some of these hills may have been significant to the row builders. By contrast the view to the west is very restricted.

Access Information

Limited car parking is available at SN 93030 95861. From here follow the road and track westward to SN 91937 95248 where the right fork should be followed to SN 91879 95630. From here walk towards the stile that provides access to the field and the row.

Online Resources 

Megalithic Portal     Coflein     Archwilio     Excavation Report

Other References

Burl, A., 1993, From Carnac to Callanish – The prehistoric rows and avenues of Britain, Ireland and Brittany, Yale University Press, New York and London, pg. 225.


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FIRST PUBLISHED:- 12th February 2016

LAST UPDATED:- 1st November 2018

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