Coley Water, South

Largest upright in the Coley Water, South stone row. View from south (Scale 1m).

A single stone row measuring 108.7m long, including 4 small and medium-sized stones and a hollow situated on a gentle north facing slope. The row is orientated ESE to WNW and stands close to a cairn. There are several cairns, stone rows and a stone circle in the vicinity.


England Somerset Exmoor SS 84104 44365
Lat 51.18667254    Long -3.65975326

Map showing location of Coley Water, South stone row

Plan of Coley Water, South stone row (Source: GPS survey by Sandy Gerrard).


Type: Single Length: 108.7m
No. of stones: 5 Size of stones: Small and medium
Orientation: 121° Altitude: 404m
Upper end: – Lower end: –
Straight (Yes or No)  : No Sea View: No
Context:  Standing stone

Other Information

Public Access:  Yes
Land Status: National Park
Scheduled Ancient Monument: No


Category: Plausible. The surviving evidence supports the identification of this site as a single stone row.

Individual Stones

Plan showing the position of the numbered stones.

Stone 1 measures 0.23m long by 0.05m wide stands 0.12m high and is orientated at 5°. View from north west with stone 2 in the background (Scale 1m).

Stone 2 measures 0.69m long by 0.34m wide stands 0.73m high and is orientated at 62°. View from east (Scale 1m).

The site of stone 3 is represented by a 0.70m long by 0.63m wide and 0.10m deep hollow orientated at 32°. The hollow probably formed as a result of animal poaching around the base of a stone which since been removed. View from south east  with stone 2 in the background (Scale 1m).

Stone 4 measures 1m long by 0.37m wide, protrudes 0.12m above the ground surface and is orientated at 60°. View from south east (Scale 1m).

Stone 5 measures 0.7m long by 0.2m wide, protrudes 0.18m above the ground surface and is orientated at 100°. View from south west (Scale 1m).

Stone 5. View from the south east (Scale 1m).


A 4.7m long by 3m wide and 0.5m high rubble mound orientated at 85° standing close to the stone row may represent a broadly contemporary cairn. View from south west (Scale 1m).

A mound situated to the north east of stone 1 has previously been identified as a possible cairn. The mound measures 2.5m in diameter and stands 0.45m high. A hollow on the south measuring 1.8m long by 1m wide and 0.3m deep suggests that this feature is more likely to represent a prospecting pit. View from south (Scale 1m).

Lines of stones

In the area around SS 84010 44457 there is a scatter of surface stones some of which appear to form lines. Whilst some of these stones are seemingly edge set it is likely that they are all of natural origin.  View from east (Scale 1m).

Access Information

Limited car parking is available at SS 84543 44569. From here follow the track leading south west to the row which is situated adjacent to it.

Online Resources 

Megalithic Portal     PastScape     Historic Environment Record


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FIRST PUBLISHED:- 4th July 2019

LAST UPDATED:- 4th July 2019

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