Tottiford Reservoir 2

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A possible single stone row measuring 60m long, including at least 14 small-sized stones situated in a reservoir in a narrow valley. There is a further stone row, stone circle and mound in the immediate vicinity. The row is orientated east to west and excavation revealed that the stones had been placed in a linear cut which the excavators suggested might be a boundary feature.  It however shares more characteristics with a row than a boundary.


England     Devon     Dartmoor     SX 81100 83200     Lat 50.63626533   Long -3.68277002

Map showing the location of Tottiford Reservoir 2 stone row.

Simplified plan of the stone alignments at Tottiford Reservoir (After Wessex Archaeology).


Type: Single Length: 60m
No. of stones: 14 Size of stones: Small only
Orientation: 90° Altitude: 234m
Upper end: – Lower end: –
Straight (Yes or No)  : No Sea View: No
Context:  Stone alignment and stone circle

Other Information

Public Access:  No. In Tottiford Reservoir.
Land Status: National Park
Scheduled Ancient Monument: No


Category: Possible. Excavation revealed that this feature consisted of a linear cut loosely filled with granite cobbles and boulders. The excavators claim that it is most likely a boundary feature.  No boundary features of this type are known on Dartmoor and given the position of the feature next to a stone circle and row it is more likely that this feature is a stone row, although if so probably of an unusual form.


This stone row is of Type S10. Information on this form of stone row and other rows of this type is available here.

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Excavation Report


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