Cefn Car

The stone pair at Cefn Car. View from south west (Scale 1m).


Wales     Merthyr Tydfil     Brecon Beacons     SO 01867 13232

Lat 51.8090405     Long -3.42484905

Google Map showing the location of the Cefn Car stone pair


Type: Pair Length: 5.5m
No. of stones: 2 Size of stones: Medium and large
Orientation: 63° Altitude: 401m
Upper end: – Lower end: –
Straight (Yes or No)  : Sea View: No
Context:  Prehistoric settlement and standing stones

Notes: This site was identified by G Makepeace and is described by Coflein as a possible stone row. A third stone lying north of the southern stone is probably natural.

Other Information

Public Access:  Yes
Land Status: National Park
Scheduled Ancient Monument: No


This site is described as a possible stone in Coflein.  There are however only two stones and the monument should therefore be considered as a stone pair.


View from north east (Scale 1m).

View from west.  The rock beside the ranging rod is probably natural but may have led to the identification of this site as a possible stone row. View from west (Scale 1m).

The northern stone measures 0.22m long by 0.28m wide, stands up 0.98m high and is orientated at 130°. The stone leans significantly to the north and would have originally stood 1.12m high. View from west (Scale 1m).

The southern stone measures 0.29m long by 0.22m wide, stands up 0.76m high and is orientated at 160°. View from west (Scale 1m).

Access Information

Car parking is available at SO 00760 12840. From here (taking extra-special care) walk on the road verge to SO 00690 12985. Take the track up the hill to SO 00890 13625, then turn right and follow the track to SO 01037 13343. Turn left and follow the path to SO 01295 13540. From here head south east to the stones.

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