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Site updates for June

June was a very busy month for site updates – a total of nearly 60 sites received updates in the form of new plans and photos being added. The vast majority of these sites are located in Scotland (including a new ‘disputed’ row at Loch Buie) or on Dartmoor in Devon, having been surveyed by Sandy Gerrard himself […]

Latest Stone Row Updates

Following last month’s Gargantuan effort of adding Google Maps images to all the gazetteer entries, we’re now concentrating on improving the individual site entry’s contents. This starts with adding additional site plans and images, and the following pages have recently been updated: Ballymeanoch Cerrig Duon Dunruchan Stones Gray Hill Hart Tor, North Hart Tor, South […]

Another bumper batch of updates!

Just as we thought the April updates were complete, here comes another batch! Again, the addition of Google Maps images is to the fore in these changes, with some additional photographs too. This should hopefully complete the Google Maps additions for now. So without further ado, here’s the list of changed pages: Achnagoul Afon Hyddgen […]

April Updates

Well someone has been busy this month! There have been a whole raft of changes made to the site, with many new photos and Google Maps images being added. The list of pages affected reads as follows: Achnancarranan Ardnacross, North Ardnacross, South Assycombe stone row Ballinaby Balliscate Ballochroy Ballymeanoch Bancbryn Bodmin Moor Brainport Bay Buttern […]

Latest site updates

The Great British stone row website is constantly being updated and enhanced.  Most of the changes are minor but in the past week Afon Hyddgen in Mid Wales and Assycombe on Dartmoor have been significantly upgraded. Both sites now include a section on viewsheds and a brand new survey plan of the Afon Hyddgen row […]

Well that all went quite well!

Launch day was a success, with more visitors that we could have hoped for. Many thanks to all those who visited, and special thanks to everyone who subsequently contacted us with ideas, suggestions and additional information. Several pages on the site have already been updated with additional information and photographs, and we’re now working on […]

We’re live!!

It’s been a slog, but Sandy has been working very hard to get everything in place, and finally we’re open to public scrutiny as from today. Initial interest in the first hour or two has been good, and we look forward to hearing any feedback and constructive criticism you may have, so please get in […]

Final checks…

Ok, so the content is pretty much as complete as we can get it for now – though there is always going to be more to add. Just some final checks over the next week or so, and hopefully the site will be made public at some point during the w/c 14th March 2016.

Almost there…

Just a quick update as we get ready for launch. A lot of work has been done since the last update, and the web site has been restructured to (hopefully) cater for future additions, particularly in the research area. Over 150 photos of rows have been added to the Gazetteer entries, with much more to […]

First regional gazetteer complete!

Pleased to announce very briefly that the gazetteer for the first region (Dartmoor) is now pretty much complete, with details of all 89 stone rows in the area now listed. In addition, a pre-launch announcement will be made on the Heritage Journal tomorrow (Friday) which will hopefully pique peoples’ interest in what we’re trying to […]