Stone row slide show

In these difficult times visits to all sorts of archaeological sites are limited. A slideshow bringing together photographs from all the visible stone rows in Great Britain has recently been created.  It offers a rapid 25 minute journey around all the rows and highlights their considerable variety.  Each slide provides an opportunity to find out more about any particular row by clicking on the site name which is generally to be found at the lower right hand corner.  The show is best viewed in full screen and can be paused at any time. If you are only interested in one particular country or region use the the button to the right of the slide number to open up a menu.  The show is set to reveal a new photograph every 5 seconds.  If this is too quick or slow you can change this setting. Any problems please get in touch.

Click on image to open slide show and then go to full screen

NB Cheryl Straffon has kindly provided a photograph of the stone row at Higher Town Bay on the Isles of Scilly and I am very grateful that at least for the moment the slideshow is now complete.



  1. Cheryl Straffon · · Reply

    I’ve got photographs of the stone row on St.Martins, Isles of Scilly if you would like them.


    1. Thank you ever so Cheryl. I have added one to the slide show and will now amend the post.


  2. Neil Mortimer · · Reply

    Brilliant – thanks, Sandy!


    1. Thanks Neil. Delighted you enjoyed it.


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