Featured Row – Joan Ford’s Newtake

The three standing stones. View from north (Scale 1m).

Joan Ford’s Newtake on Dartmoor is a probable single stone row measuring 7.27m long, including at least three large-sized upright orthostats and two recumbent slabs situated on a gentle south east facing slope. The stones stand up to between 1.55m and 1.23m high, arranged in height order with the tallest at the east. The row is orientated ENE to NSW and has restricted views of several skyline cairns and surrounding landscape. Further information, discussion and photographs are available here.

Plan of the Joan Ford’s Newtake stone row. The standing stones are shown grey and the recumbent ones green. The recumbent stone south of the row may either be natural or possibly displaced from the alignment (Source: 1:100 survey by Sandy Gerrard, Janet Daynes and Chris Jenkins). 




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