Radar graphs showing the orientation of different types of stone row.

The stone row orientations research page has recently been updated. Analysis has shown that the orientation of the rows varies across a set of different variables and suggests that whilst not of paramount importance the row builders to varying extents took orientation into account when building the rows. This work has helped emphasise that it is likely that the different forms of row were built to serve different purposes. It is the multi-functional purpose of the rows that probably makes them so difficult to understand.
As work proceeds it will inevitably be necessary to return to this page and in the meantime if you would like to contribute either with ideas or pointing out errors please do not hesitate to get in touch.


  1. All the stone rowes were relatetd to sunset- or elevationpoints, or the point of the first or last sight of stars as Arcturs, Vega or Deneb. All sights marked an important date in a calendar, divided in eight parts.


    1. Thank you. What do you mean about elevation points. What is an elevation point?

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      1. This is the point, the sundisk with 0.66 degrees touch the horizontline. I can show this idea at an example.


      2. Yes please.


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