Google Maps

Google maps showing the distribution of stone rows have been a feature of this website from the start. The main one showing the position and distribution of stone rows is available at the bottom of the About Page. Until now each stone row has been represented by a single symbol (currently a small red dot). This map has now been enhanced to show the extent of most rows. The data showing the extent of the rows has been placed on several mapping layers according to their length. This new feature enables a more informative overview of the rows as well as providing an instant insight into their variable form. This can be seen at its best on Dartmoor where if you zoom to the point where the scale at the bottom of the screen reads 2km and turn off the top box (Stone rows of Great Britain.xlsx) you will see the true extent of rows on the moor. Changing the zoom level and turning on and off the various layers will allow you to explore any area in the way you want to.


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