Looking at: Plan Form yet again

The article looking at plan form has been updated with those stone rows measuring between 30m and 50m long. Work on the longer rows continues and over time fresh plans will be added as they become available. The illustrations highlight considerable differences in the form of rows. Eventually it is hoped to present plans of most rows at the same scale. This should permit an overview of the resource and perhaps highlight informative patterns.

The new illustration covers the stones rows between 30m and 50m long.

Simplified plan illustrating the form of stone rows measuring between 30m and 50m long. The rows are arranged according to their latitude with Scottish ones at the top and SW English ones at the bottom. Scottish rows are presented against a light blue background, Welsh rows against a light green background and English rows (pink).  ? indicates that the plan form of the row is not currently available. Click on image to enlarge.

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