Featured Site – Watenan, West

The large chambered cairns on Warehouse Hill are concealed from view by rising ground until you reach the northern end of the row where they are suddenly revealed.

The area around the Loch of Yarrows in Caithness is rich in prehistoric archaeological remains. Large numbers of chambered cairns and stone rows are found together in a relatively small area. The multiple stone alignment at Watenan, West includes five rows of stones extending over 35m. The position of the site means that a number of separate visual reveals are available. The most spectacular is the appearance of the Warehouse Hill chambered cairns, which are visible only from the northern end of the alignment. Cumulative evidence strongly suggests that many alignments were built to provide specific visual links to special places and this in turn implies that the rows were a focus for ritual activity directly connected with places in the surrounding landscape. At the very least we can be certain that the stone rows were not randomly placed.

The Watenan, West stone alignment. View from the south.



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