Latest site updates

The Great British stone row website is constantly being updated and enhanced.  Most of the changes are minor but in the past week Afon Hyddgen in Mid Wales and Assycombe on Dartmoor have been significantly upgraded. Both sites now include a section on viewsheds and a brand new survey plan of the Afon Hyddgen row is now available. In addition, the following pages have also recently been added or updated. As always, constructive feedback on these or any other sites is welcome.

Look for further updates in the coming weeks!


  1. This is a fascinating blog. I have been tramping around the ancient sites of South Wales recently, drawing the stones, accompanied by an archaeologist and film maker. Great subject matter, horrible walking conditions


  2. Thank you Rosie. I can certainly relate to your comment on walking conditions, especially after all this rain. Happy tramping. Please feel free to let us know of any discoveries you may make.


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